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Arguably one of the most famous styles of door, French doors add a sense of elegance and class to any home. At Lytham Windows, our experienced team specialise in the supply and installation of a wide range of French doors throughout Blackpool and the Fylde Coast area. Able to be customised to suit your needs, our wide selection of French doors allow you to add an eye-catching and flattering feature to any space.


The benefits of French doors

French doors are ideal for:

  • Extending the look of your home
  • Bringing in extra light
  • Adding the illusion of additional space

An iconic and attractive feature, French doors are a flattering opening to gardens, patios and balconies with minimal disruption. They can can also act as a separator between two interior rooms. Opening either inwards or outwards, our French doors are able to be installed according to your requirements. The building specialists at Lytham Windows are able to create a new opening in brickwork or convert a window opening to make way for your selected French doors.

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